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Not only transdermal patches

Biofarmitalia has realized up to now a large number of products: transdermal and transcutaneous patches - dermocosmetic and cosmetic patches – hydrogel patches, pads and masks – tensoactive nasal and wrinkle flatting  patches – balsamic and aromatic patches – impregnated wipes, gauzes and masks – technological fabric-based strips and gussets – edible film food for food supplements – medical film and cosmetic film.

Products containing Biofarmitalia patented low molecular weight and low viscosity hyaluronic acid are to be added to the above indicated range: mouthwash, gum gel, vaginal solution and syrup for gastroesophageal disorders.


A large number of Biofarmitalia products have encountered a large success. All of them are characterized by the highest standard in quality and efficacy.